2014 Fantasy Baseball Week Twenty-Five: Championship Time

Congratulations Ryan! Another victory and after this many championships, no one can deny that Ryan is a fantasy king. I thought for sure that I would earn my first championship, but alas it was not meant to be.

I was having a dilemma all week, most of my starting pitchers went early in the week and would start again on Sunday. Unfortunately, all those teams were in the playoff hunt, so I did not know if they would pitch on Sunday or not. For example, Adam Wainwright was supposed to pitch on Sunday, but if the Pirates would have won, he would have pitched. Ryan was able to drop many of his pitchers and go with the old try to pick up guys who were starting each day. It was a smart plan and it paid off.

Now comes the question of who I should keep for next season. I am definitely keeping Jose Altuve. He may not hit .341, but he will steal plenty of bases and hit over .300. He should also score more runs next season, since I feel the Astros have some quality young power hitters. After that, I would have to say keeping Wainwright and Corey Kluber would be in my best interest. Having great starting pitching obviously helped me almost win this year. Next week I will try to do an analysis of who was the actual best team, like I do every year.

Anyways, Gideon beat Dustin for third place, Lindsey beat Pat for fifth place (not a bad way to finish), and Imler beat Mark for seventh. Good job everyone! I look forward to next season.

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