Kayla & Adam’s Wedding

Remember back in August when I cooked waffles for a bridal shower?  Well the wedding finally happened and it was a great time.  Congratulations to Kayla and Adam!  This post is about my experiences during the past week.

It all started on Wednesday.  I decided to get sick.  I was completely stuffed up and a little feverish.  I ended up sleeping practically all day.  I was so bad and Lindsey was so afraid of getting sick that I slept on the couch.

On Thursday, Lindsey’s stepsister came in from Atlanta and we all had to go out for dinner.  I still felt like crap, but figured that heading out would make me feel a little better.  It actually did, I started feeling alright that night.

Friday was the rehearsal.  First we had to take all of the wedding decorations up to the place where the reception was being held.  We decorated some of the stuff.  We could not finish everything since there was another event happening.

That night we went to the church and did a run through.  Lindsey was shocked to learn that I have never been to a rehearsal.  I do not know if that is true, I was in a wedding when I was six, but I do not remember rehearsing.

After that we went to the rehearsal dinner at a place called the Homestead.  We had a few beers and ate some wings & pizza.  Once the dinner was over, I went to Adam’s house and drank some more.  I may have gotten a little drunk.  I ended up coming home and sleeping on the couch.  For some reason I changed clothes and decided to wear my Andrew McCutchen jersey.

I woke up on Saturday and it was 11:57 a.m.  I was supposed to be at the church at 12:30.  Ugh.  I flew around the house trying to find my phone, but then I realized I forgot it at Adam’s.  I showered and got ready and still made it to the church by 12:40.

The wedding was quite nice.  I was put in charge of opening the doors at the end of the service.  I did it remarkably.  If there was an award for best door opener, I would have won it.  We left the wedding and I had to run back home because I forgot clothes for the next day, since we were staying at Lindsey’s mom’s house.

I met up with Lindsey’s family at her aunt’s house.  The reception was at 5:00, so we had a little time to kill.  Unfortunately, I was starting to feel like death.  I was getting sweaty and my head was pounding.  Also, I was stuffed up and my throat was pretty scratchy.  I had a seat on the couch and decided to take a little nap for a few minutes.  That half hour nap made me feel better.

We were doing the cocktail hour when I got a text from Lindsey (I finally had my phone back) saying to come downstairs where the wedding party was hanging out.  Turns out that Lindsey had a little too much to drink and was a little drunk.  Apparently someone brought a flavored moonshine, but Lindsey thought it was just a homemade apple wine.  I spent the next 45 minutes keeping her company and forcing her to drink plenty of water.

She was a little nervous about giving her maid-of-honor speech.  Lindsey is not a fan of public speaking.  She practiced it two more times in the hallway while I listened.  I then made my way upstairs and found my seat.

Fortunately as soon as the wedding party came in, they started with Lindsey’s speech.  That was good because I have a feeling if she had to wait much longer she was either going to puke or pass out.   I know that I am a bit biased, but she ended up doing a fantastic job with her speech.  People laughed at the parts that were funny and the cried during the sad parts.

The rest of the wedding went as expected.  Plenty of drinking, some dancing and all the other fun stuff that is included.  Once the reception was over, a bunch of people went to the Woodside and continued the party.

We woke up on Sunday and had to get ready for people to come over to see Kayla and Adam open their gifts.  Lindsey and I picked up the food.  We spent the majority of the day there and did not get home until after the Steelers game.  After that, we pretty much laid on the couch and acted like a couple of bums.  It felt great!

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