Fantasy Football Week 16

Congratulations to Jessica, who beat Offord in the finals.  Also, congrats to her husband Jason, who beat Pat for third place.  Unfortunately, I was off this week, so I barely paid attention.  Apparently that crazy ending to the Monday night game affected many games.  My brother had Bowman and as you can see he did beat Amanda because of that.

If you want to read a better recap of how that Monday night game ended, head over to Sean’s blog and check out how he did in the championship.  Speaking of that league, I finished in fourth place.  Look at this awesome matchup:

If anyone wants to show their children what a massacre looks like, this would be a fine example.  Or you could have them read about this

Back to this league.  Here are the final results for the league.

It was a great season by everyone!  Minus those that did not win.  I hope to continue this every year.  I think that next year I will dial back the bonus points a little bit.  I still want this to be a quarterback driven league, but maybe I am giving the wide receivers too many points.  I do not know, I want input from other folks.
Also, how does everyone feel about having the defensive player?  I am guessing my brother likes it.  I actually enjoy it.  I cannot understand why Gideon and Ryan hate it so much.  Hopefully they will join next year, as well as Imler.
Last question, how does everyone feel about doing this for money next year?  I am not opposed to it.  Maybe something cheap like $20 and just do a winner-take-all?  Or if you are in a league, do you like to spend more money, but have weekly payouts and a top three?  Opinions please!
I think this should be the place where I rub it in to my brother that I finished better than him.  Does not matter that it was only one place.  We may have to make a side bet for next year…

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