I have Verizon.  My bill tends to be fairly expensive.  Lindsey has AT&T, but she is on a family share plan.  Her bill is not expensive.  It turns out that her family has room for another person on their plan and after a few months of tossing the idea around, I finally decided to make the switch.  I like Verizon and when I like something, I tend to be very loyal, but only an idiot would not try to save $50 per month.

My plan was to wait a few more months so that my early contract termination fee would be a little lower than it is now, plus I was hoping to catch it when the billing cycle came to an end, so I could minimize the chance of having to pay a high bills to both.  Plus, I was hoping to keep my number.

Then, Lindsey saw that AT&T was having some Cyber Monday deals.  I noticed that the HTC One was free if you signed up today.  I was left with a quick decision, do I take a free phone or do I wait and do research and make a decision later, but most likely pay for a phone.  I said screw it and went with it.  I like my HTC Incredible.

I know what some of you are saying:  “Josh, how come you do not have an iPhone?”  I have nothing against the actual phone.  I think they may be a tad bit overrated, but for the most part, they are pretty cool.  Like I said though, when I like something, like Droid, I tend to be loyal.  Plus, so many iPhone owners have ruined it for me.  They tend to act like they have the greatest thing ever.  Sorry pal, it’s a phone, color me unimpressed.  Granted that is not every iPhone owner, just a few of them.  I am sure you know a few of them though, they are the worst.

Also, to all my friends out there, this means that I will be getting a new phone number.  I will most like text everyone the new number with my old number and then possible text you again from the new phone.  I am cool like that.  Although, some of you may want to text me at some point in the next few days to see if I actually have your number.  You would be amazed at the number of numbers I lost at one point…

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