A History of My Phones

You ever look at your cellular device and think “wow, look how far we have come.” Do you remember your first phone? I do. Actually, it is a funny story about how I got that phone. Allow me to take you back to 2002. I need to preface this with a quick backstory.

When I graduated high school, my dad said he would pay for my college. He paid for my first year and a half at Gannon (well sorta). Then I transferred to Penn State. It was actually more expensive than Gannon (I know some of you probably think I am crazy, but after private grants/scholarships, it was significantly less for GU) and he said he could not pay for it. Not a huge deal, I would take out loans. He said that he would pay for my apartment, but after the first semester, he said that he could not afford that either. He had a consolation prize for me though: a cell phone. He put me and Adam on his plan.

LG 210It is funny because at first I thought it was idiotic. Why did I need a phone? We had a house phone at our apartment. And yet during the next year, I came to realize how great it was having a phone. Anyways, that day at Verizon (actually the RadioShack in Philipsburg), Dad allowed me to pick out a phone, the LG 210, which was actually not the free one. I think it was almost $100 extra, which shocked me that Dad would say “sure.”

I actually loved that phone. It was pretty much indestructible. I remember one night being a little drunk and my roommate knocked it out of my hand while we were crossing the street and it bounced across College Avenue extremely hard. It was not even scratched. Also, many mornings I would wake up when it was going off and just toss it to try and silence it.

Looking back on it, the phone had basically no features. I think it had an alarm. It was seriously so simple. No color screen, nothing. And it was pretty tiny. That was one of the great things about it.

Anyways, one drunken night I ended up losing the phone. I was a bit embarrassed and did not want to tell my father. I decided to just get my own plan. I took the free phone that came with starting a plan, it was a Samsung Sch-a670.

Samsung Sch-a670This phone was okay. I honestly do not remember much about it. In fact, I am pretty sure I hated this phone. I only had it for about four or five months. I then bought a phone even though I did not have the free renewal. LG VX7000

I decided to go online for one. Unfortunately, the phone I bought and paid for never arrived. I did not use a credit card, instead sending a money order to a guy from eBay. Yeah, that was a terrible idea. I then was down like $250, but still wanted a phone. I went to Verizon and bought the LG VX7000. It cost me almost $400, which brings the total to $650 for a new phone. Yikes.

I think about one week later Gideon bought the VX8600. It was always a good argument who had the better phone.

We both had one thing that was pretty great. You could play Hold ‘Em. Not online or anything, but the game was actually fairly good and addictive.Motorola Q

I had that phone for two solid years and then I got a little tired of it. I wanted a Smart Phone. I wanted to be able to take pictures in order to post them to this very blog. How crazy is that? I wanted a phone in order to help me blog. I decided to get the Motorola Q.

I really did like that phone. I loved playing Bubble Breaker. As I said before, I played over 10,000 games. Anyways, this phone was great. Especially with the full keyboard and buttons. I was able to crank out texts so fast.

Plus if you just look at it, this thing looked very cool. I felt like I was some kind of big shot with a high-tech phone. I bought this phone like a month before I went into management.

Once I moved back to Philipsburg, I was due for a new phone and decided to try out the LG Dare.

Ugh. This phone was pretty terrible. It was supposed to have a nice touchscreen for texting. Unfortunately, it was hard to use. I ended up finding it easier to just slide it up and text the old fashioned way. Yeah, it sucked going back to the ancient way of using the numbers.

Also the phone was supposed to have a bunch of apps for it, but they never materialized. It was probably the worst phone I ever purchased.

LG Dare

Motorola Droid XAfter the disaster of the LG Dare, I bought the Motorola Droid X. We had a pretty good run together. The Droid X was such a good phone that I think Jason went out to get one as well (granted, he always wanted to be just like me). And then after two years the damn thing developed the black dots of death. I could not do too much on it at that point, so I went out to get a new phone.
At this point, the Droid X and my life with Lindsey, I really started using the phone for more than just texting and phone calls. I definitely took more pictures with the Droid X than I ever took with all of the other phones put together. So my next phone needed to be a great camera as well. I decided on the HTC Incredible. I remember trying it out at the Verizon Store and being so impressed with the way you could press the camera icon and it would pop up instantly, unlike other phones that take a second to load. Another great feature of that camera was that you could take faster pictures. I think this is pretty much the norm now, but  back in 2012 it was revolutionary.HTC IncredibleWhen I dropped Verizon and joined Lindsey’s AT&T Family plan, I had to switch phones. I decided to stay with what I liked and bought the HTC One. Seriously, I could not complain about that one at all either. I loved the camera. I loved that it had two speakers. HTC OneI never really talked about this, but towards the end of the Incredible’s life, my charge port ended up going bad. I could not plug it anymore and believe it or not, that is somewhat important. Luckily with our new plan, I could get a new phone even though it was not exactly two years. After looking at the phones I decided on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. I know, it’s a mouthful.Samsung Galaxy s6 edge plusI went with the blue one and I absolutely love this phone. I have had it since September, probably about a week after we came home from the honeymoon. I use this phone more than I have ever used a phone. Each phone became integrated with my life, but this one has become the most so far. It amazes me how much these phones have changed over the last almost fifteen years. Know what else amazes me? How the pictures of phones has evolved in that time.