Finding Color and Flowers

After a bit of a debate, Lindsey and I have agreed on a color combination.  She wanted mint and coral, I was arguing for navy, mint, and cream.  We decided to combine them and use navy, mint, and coral.  At first I thought it would look terrible together, but then I realized that Lindsey actually wears an outfit that is that exact scheme.

Sorry for the quality of the color scheme.  I have a feeling that Lindsey really wants midnight blue (it is just a tad bit darker).  I would suggest doing a Google search for this color pattern and see how it looks in a wedding.

We also decided on our florists, who were actually the same florists that did Lindsey’s sister’s wedding.  They are from Johnstown and called Cambria City Flowers.  After speaking with Lindsey for about two minutes, they pretty much had a bunch of ideas figured out and could tell that she wanted a wedding that was “elegant outdoor, and Coach meets nature.”  That is pretty spot on if you ask me.  I have a feeling they are going to do an amazing job…

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