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Last Friday, Lindsey and I had our engagement photos taken. I am sure most of you know how much of a fan I am of having my picture taken. If you are not aware, I hate it. I just hate trying to smile, I need to be relaxed and laughing. Fortunately, our photographer was fantastic. She was very energetic and she put me at ease and had me laughing in no time. If you are looking for a photographer in the area, definitely check out Jacqueline Moss Photography.

I am not going to post all the pictures, there are 243 of them. These are just a bunch of the ones I really liked (I am not including any of the ones that could be potential Save the Dates, since Lindsey would murder me).

Let me know what you think!

Look at that neck line. And look at all those gray hairs. That is really depressing.

I feel like this one looks pretty natural. Lindsey is telling me something and I am just smiling and pretending to listen. All while holding a sign.

Of course there are plenty of pictures of the ring. What else would you expect with engagement photos? Does anyone even want to see my ugly mug?
I had so much trouble throwing leaves into the air. Who knew it was so tough? Actually I kept throwing them at Lindsey, I am sure it was not intentional.

This is the look Lindsey gives me when I start telling her about something I find interesting, such as some historical event or science thing.

I am sure we will be adding all the pictures to Facebook at some point, so do not fear if you were worried about seeing the entire collection.

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