2015 Baseball Predictions

I cannot believe how late I am in getting this posted. My free time is either spent doing house stuff or wedding things. No time for anything. I will also mention that my normal life routine of reading about baseball via multiple blogs has come to a crashing halt this off-season. I really have no clue what has been happening the past few months. But that will not stop me from making some predictions. I am just making an early excuse for any poor predictions.

I am going to change it up a bit this year and go from west to east. I know, I am a rebel.


The Angels are the team to beat still. The A’s decided to dismantle and who knows how that could work out. They could end up winning the division. The Mariners are trying very hard to improve and Nelson Cruz should help them out in the power department. The Rangers, if healthy, should be able to compete. The Astros are like a year or two away from being real threats.

IDP:  Chris Carter wins the AL HR title, hitting 42, and strikes out 200 times.

White Sox

I love how things shift in sports. There was a time when the AFC North was the toughest in the NFL, all four teams were very good. The AL East used to be like that, but at this point it feels like AL Central is moving into that realm. You could make an argument for all of the teams minus the Twins. The White Sox seem to be the favorite from what I am hearing on the street. The Royals are the defending American League champ, so I would not discount them. I remember when the Rays went to the World Series and many people figured the next year they would not be able to repeat and yet they were still one of the best in the AL East. So who knows.

IDP:  Alright damn it. Eric Hosmer will finish in the top three of the MVP voting this year. I have a good feeling about it.

Blue Jays
Red Sox

Yep, I am predicting the Yankees finish in last. I am not even making that my IDP. I just cannot imagine them being very good this year.  I know many people think the O’s are probably done because of who they lost and the fact they did not really bring anyone in, but for some reason they keep winning in this division and I think that trend will continue. The Blue Jays and Red Sox are going to be close behind them. I have a feeling though that Red Sox fans are going to be in for a disappointing season of H-Ram and Kung Fu Panda. The Rays need some offense. Any offense.

IDP:  The Rays shock everyone and trade Evan Longoria to the Pirates for Tyler Glasnow, Austin Meadows, Josh Bell, and Neil Walker. Pirates fans are pissed.

AL WILDCARD:  Royals over Mariners
AL DIVISION SERIES: Angels over Royals, White Sox over Orioles
AL CHAMPIONSHIP: Angels over White Sox
AL MVP: Adam Jones
AL CY YOUNG: David Price
AL ROY: Daniel Norris


The Dodgers and Giants are the teams to beat. They will battle it out all year. The rest of the teams are just there. The Padres made all sorts of moves, but I am not sure if they were good moves. The Rockies have no pitching and the D-Backs…well they are a team. Seriously.

IDP:  Kershaw/Greinke/Ryu/Bumgartner/Cain/Peavy will combine for 100 wins. And Kershaw will have 23 of them (that is only 15.4 for the rest of them!)


I know this is a little crazy, but looking at the teams on paper. I believe the Pirates could take the division. I know, the Cardinals are still the team to beat, but I feel like they could be in for a fall. The Cubs could be the team to shock everyone though. What if Baez, Soler, Rizzo, Castro, and Bryant all had good years? That would be an insane lineup. The Brewers are a good team, but they will not start off as hot as they did last year. The Reds are pretty crappy at the moment.

IDP:  Gerrit Cole pitches a no-hitter against the Braves.


The Nationals rotation. That is all you have to say. A magazine I was reading said that Nats have one of the best rotations in baseball (and they said that you could argue the best) and that was before they signed Scherzer. Now that means even if one of them gets hurt, they still have a guy like Tanner Roark to fill in as a fifth guy, plus a few guys in the minors possibly ready to come up. The Marlins and Mets have talent and this could be the division of dominant pitching for a long time. Sorry Braves and Phillies, have fun trying to go up against Jose Fernandez, Matt Harvey, and the arsenal of the Nats for awhile.

IDP:  The Phillies are able to trade Cole Hamels to the Cardinals for Randal Grichuk and Matt Adams. Philipsburg fans rejoice.

NL WILDCARD: Giants over Cardinals
NL DIVISION SERIES: Nationals over Giants, Pirates over Dodgers
NL CHAMPIONSHIP: Nationals over Pirates
NL MVP: Andrew McCutchen
NL CY YOUNG: Clayton Kershaw
NL ROY: Yasmany Tomas
WORLD SERIES: Nationals over Angels

I took the Nats to win it last year. I feel like eventually I have to get this right. Let me know your predictions for the 2015 season!



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