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daredevil-posterI do not know if I can express how fantastic Daredevil was during it’s first season. It was basically like a thirteen hour long movie. Whereas other comic book shows tend to just become some sort of procedural. You know, there is a new bad guy, the good guy has to stop them. I think Smallville perfected it. Then you have a show like Agents of SHIELD, which really does not seem to have much of a purpose. It just shambles on and does not really seem to know what to do (although I read something about that recently).

When Marvel announced they would be making a show about Daredevil and the other street level heroes for Netflix, I had some doubts. How would it tie in with the Marvel Cinematic Universe? How can anyone believe that street level crime is at all a big deal when aliens can attack New York City at any moment? I do not mean that there would not be that kind of crime or that people would just stop caring. I mean that we, the audience, would just not be all that jazzed up over some guys selling drugs.

The series starts off so well, we are introduced to a masked vigilante, who is skilled, but very raw at what he does. Then we learn about his powers. But not in the normal way where we see him learning how to use them. Instead we get bits and pieces. He explains to Claire that he can sense things, he can feel things, hear things, etc. We also get flashbacks on his past and how he learned to fight. It was a slower reveal, which you can do with a TV show, as we are seeing in Arrow.

The beauty of the show is that it makes the street level stuff seem important. It combines the big Marvel world with the small one. They never mention what happened in NYC, but they hint at it and I think at least once someone says the “battle of New York” (which if you remember, was the alien invasion in The Avengers). The destruction caused leaves room for shady individuals to move into Hell’s Kitchen in order to buy up property and do whatever it is they want. They also control all crime in the Kitchen. Without rehashing every episode, just let me say that it made sense with everything that was happening.

A few things that I have to mention and these will be very spoilertastic.

-The fight scene in the third episode, where Matt goes to rescue the boy. That entire scene was filmed with one shot. It is such a brutal fight scene. You can almost feel every punch. My own bones ached just from watching it. The way the lack of music made it feel more real. It was intense.359_BLF113-24737R4

-The battle between Fisk and Daredevil was also great. Especially since that was the moment where Matt puts on the suit and becomes Daredevil. I like that he is not nearly as powerful as he becomes later on in the comics (I feel like at some point he is pretty much unstoppable).

-When I initially heard that Vincent D’Onofrio was playing Fisk, I was skeptical if he could pull it off. Then I saw him for the first time and it was clear that he was perfect for the role. Actually just about everyone was perfect. Especially Charlie Cox.

I look forward to season two. I wonder which direction they will go? They mentioned a certain Greek girl that Matt dated. I hope that means we get to meet Elektra at some point. Or maybe we follow Matt on a journey to Japan. Or does Fisk get out and go after Daredevil? So many great stories to choose from…or they can do their own thing.


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    1. Yeah,but I thought at one point someone says the battle in new york. Maybe Fisk at his press conference, either way, the show benefits from just hinting and not trying to beat us over the head.

    1. I am glad they did not try to introduce someone like Bullseye. I kept looking for references to Danny Rand, Luke Cage, or Jessica Jones, but did not see them, or just missed them.

  1. A friend of mine who’s way into comics picked up on something the old Chinese woman said before she left about how the place she was going was a good bit further than China. I can’t remember the name of the place he said it had to be, but it was a Marvel locale associated with Iron Fist.

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