Daredevil Season Two

daredevilartThe second season of Daredevil was fantastic, almost as good as the first season. The only reason I think the first season was better has more to do with my own expectations going in than the actual show. I honestly thought the first season would be alright, but nothing spectacular. And then it blew me away. This season I figured would be great and it did not disappoint.

The beauty of not having to do the whole origin story means more characters can be introduced. This season brings us Frank Castle (the Punisher), Elektra, and the Hand. I love the idea of bringing the Punisher into the story. They could have tried the movie route and brought Bullseye into the mix, but the Punisher just works so well thematically. The whole idea of whether or not Matt’s methods are effective by not killing really comes into play with his discussion with Frank. And then we get the battle between Daredevil and the Hand with Elektra hanging in the balance. Does Daredevil have the stuff to put down an entire army of ninjas? The entire season seems to be the battle for Matt Murdock’s soul and I absolutely loved it.

Here are some of the other things I loved (THESE ARE SPOILERS):

-Daredevil chained to a roof by Punisher and then given a gun. His escape and then fight with the Dogs of Hell was pretty crazy. Not as great as the single take fight against the Russians, but still pretty awesome. The chaining was actually from a comic, I think they may have lifted the conversation from the issue as well.chlxnwjw8aal2_9

-Jon Bernthal was amazing as Frank Castle. I cannot say enough good things about his performance. Hell, if the scene with him and Karen Page in the diner was an entire episode, it would have been fine with me. He pulled off that surety of purpose better than any of the actors portraying him so far.

-The showdown between Wilson Fisk and Matt was also pretty incredible. I actually jumped when Fisk slammed his face off the table.

-I did not see Elektra’s death coming. I figured they would want to take her iconic death and save it for next season, but this way worked so well. And her possible resurrection could be coming as well. Will she take over the Hand???

-The final battle was a bit telegraphed. I assumed Punisher would rescue them a little earlier and then they would have to try and fight Nobu together. However, his timely shots to save “Red” were great, plus he witnessed Daredevil take Nobu’s life. I wonder how Frank feels about that? He does not know that Nobu keeps coming back to life…

-Matt finally revealing to Karen that he is Daredevil is a pretty cool cliffhanger. I feel like she had to have an idea when he rescued her from the building at the end.

-Also, Foggy Nelson. Can we just acknowledge that the show has truly made him seem like a great character. The way he handled the standoff at the hospital, plus his attitude towards the district attorney made me smile and give a small cheer each time. Hopefully he and Matt can reconcile and get back together.

Let me know your thoughts on the show. Any ideas for season three? Will there be a third season? Does the show just end on this note and we eventually get a Defenders show?