Wedding Registry

Mutant Registration Act.

Superhero Registration Act.

Those words can divide groups of people apart (even if they are from a comic book universe). The very idea of registering, so that people know exactly what sort of person you are is absolutely terrifying. But c’mon, registering for wedding gifts could not be THAT bad, right? RIGHT???wedding_registry

It started out like most of my days off. You know, getting up at 6:30 (after getting home from work and to bed by 1:30), taking the trash out, dropping Lindsey’s car off at the garage, and then heading to an eye appointment. Remember, I love making those appointments for early in the morning (actually Lindsey made this one for me). Once the appointment was done, we went to breakfast then went over to Bed, Bath, and Beyond (beyond what?). Great, we were the first people to go inside since they just opened.

We meet with the registration agent and she gives us the scanner and sets us loose upon the store. It was actually fun scanning things and pretending to be some kind of laser-wielding assassin. I kept trying to scan Lindsey, but it could not find a price (does that mean she is priceless? say AWE now).

Allow me to give BBB some credit. Their process was pretty easy. The scanner was simple, the agent was very nice and kept coming by to see if we needed some help. She could tell that we knew what we wanted so she did not try to give us advice or anything (minus little things like coming back to add stuff or to try and get 100 things). We were there for almost four hours. I mean, Lindsey is pretty slow when shopping for a pair of pants, can you imagine when she is looking at towels?

The second place we went was JCP (Pennies to the older ladies reading this, J.C. Penny to the traditionalists). The agent there was maybe the most annoying person ever. She wanted to follow us around at first and she kept trying to sell us on things we were not looking to add. For example, Lindsey liked some Rachel Ray baking stuff and the lady kept saying how they were junk and she would not like them. Lindsey was like “well my mom has them and she loves them.” The lady responded with “well she probably has only had them for a few months.” She also was explaining the sweet features on a new crock pot (which we told her we did not need since we have one) and she was like “it automatically goes from High to Warm!” Yeah, ours does that too, it is not that new of a feature.

I also did not like the JCP scanner, which was just an iPhone. It was hard to scan stuff and it would take like ten seconds for the picture to load. Also, for some items it would just take  you to the product category and you would have to choose everything. We were there for almost two hours and we only scanned 18 items. Definitely not the best system in the world.

Here are a few other things I discovered about the day:

-Lindsey and I have some different tastes. We really do not like the same kind of plates at all. She held out though and after looking at probably 1500 different plate sets online, she has won the battle and I am in agreement with her. I liked the square plates (she actually likes them too, but she did not like any that we saw). I also like the ones with some color to them. She likes a more plain plate, some white or off-white. As we looked at more though, I realize that there is an advantage to that color. Yes, it is plain. No one will ever be like “ohhhh, these are some unique plates!” But, I do not think I will get tired of them as quickly. If I had some cool looking design on them, I might be like “eh, I hate these plates” in three years.

-I am not a fan of looking at curtain rods. That may have been one of the most torturous things I have ever had to endure.

-We also have a difference of opinion on bath towels. I like the really, uber-soft towels. Lindsey likes towels that will not leave fuzz on her. So for those of you wondering, that is why there are multiple brands of towels. I refuse to give in on that one and start using a towel that feels like sandpaper.

-While at JCP, we took my suit in to get altered. The lady told me like twelve times that should would not do the pants until I got the shoes because you have to alter the pants differently depending on the shoes. She missed a golden opportunity to try and make a sale. She could have offered to have someone bring up a couple different pairs of brown shoes for me to try, since I was wearing the suit.

-For those long-time readers, who are not invited to the wedding (I apologize, it really is a small affair), but still want to buy a small gift (I mean, why wouldn’t you want to buy me a gift, I entertain you on a dailysemi-daily basis), there are plenty of things on the registry for everyone! Bed, Bath, and Beyond and JCP.

-It should be fun for people to try and guess which things Lindsey picked and those that were from me. I will give you a hint, we each added an alarm clock. That should make it easier.