Deadpool Review

deadpool-valentines-posterYou have definitely been waiting for me to review Deadpool. In case you missed it, the movie shattered the box office record for R-Rated opening. It just goes to show that you can make an R-Rated superhero film. Or hell, that you do not need to sacrifice what people love about a character in order to make money.

Anyways, as I said the other day, Lindsey and I went to see it on Saturday and no matter how much I can positive stuff I write about it, Lindsey has the best endorsement you can give a film:  “I only fell asleep for five minutes! It was good.”

Now that said, I loved it. The movie was everything you would want from a Deadpool film. They did not try to tone down the violence, nor did they skimp on the language or just about anything. The plot was fairly simple, but still they made it work and interesting by using the non-linear approach. The best part of the film though is Ryan Reynolds, who is absolutely perfect as Deadpool. Here are a few of the things I really loved:

-The simplicity of the story. Deadpool does not have a crazy origin story. It is pretty much the standard, so there was no point trying to change it or to harp on it for too long. Experiment gone wrong? Got it. Wade was a soldier? Perfect. What else do we need to know? Nothing really, just what is pertinent to the story. In fact, the movie just assumes we have seen the X-Men films. We know who Colossus is, we know the mansion, and the X-Plane. No need to give us some long story.

-The jokes aimed at the other superheroes, especially the X-Men. And the old Wolverine movie, and Hugh Jackman, plus just about anything you can name. Yeah, it was pretty hilarious.

-The fight scenes were great. Gina Carano and Colossus were pretty epic. In fact, can I just say how great Colossus looked? That is what the character should look like!

-The supporting characters were very good. TJ Miller is always hilarious, but Brianna Hildebrand was also very funny as Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

-Morena Baccarin…but then again she is always wonderful.

So where does that leave us for the sequel? As I read somewhere, can Deadpool be more than a one-trick pony? I honestly do not know. I guess if they go with Cable, that will give a chance to introduce the character and make the story focus more on him, while Deadpool does his thing. Especially when you take the seriousness of Cable and let Deadpool be completely zany around him, can be pretty entertaining…