Samson and the Expensive Haircut

Haircut 2Look who got a haircut! It had been since before Christmas, so he was a bit overdue.

Naturally, there is a story. We have been taking him to the place here in Ebensburg and for the most part have been very happy with the lady there. She only charges $25 and Samson has built a relationship with her. Unfortunately, we have been calling to make an appointment and there has been no answer. We drove by and the store looks closed.

We did some online searches and could not find much, which left Petco. I made the appointment for today and the girl said that Lindsey would need to bring his rabies certificate. Lindsey sends me a text about five minutes before the start time and says “oh, I forgot that paper, do you think I need it?” I said “well yeah, they said you have to bring it.”

They told her that she could call the vet and have him fax it over, but that would be an additional $5 charge. Not a big deal, saves time, gas money, and wear & tear on the vehicle. They do the whole grooming thing and present Lindsey with Samson and then inform her that it will be $65!

$65 for a bath, haircut, and nail-clipping. Oh and then add in $5 for the fax received, which brings the entire trip to $70. It does not cost that for Lindsey & I to both get our haircut. And to top it off, Petco did not even trim his tail. So now he has short hair, but a bushy tail.

Needless to say, we will not be returning to Petco for our grooming needs…

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