Samson and the Haircut

New DogLindsey took Samson for a haircut today. Can you believe it had been over two months since his last one? We definitely got our moneys worth…just kidding, that was still ridiculously expensive. He was definitely well overdue. For one thing, it was pretty easy for me to mess up the hair around his eyes so that he could not see and then wrestle with him. Also, when he would play outside, he would immediately smell bad (especially with all the rain). We have bathed him since the last haircut, actually a few times–like when Lindsey dropped her ice cream cone on him, but it just did not seem to help.

We found a place in Cresson and they did a pretty good job. The only thing I would ask: do places not trim the tail? Petco did not trim his tail and now this place. Do we need to specify that?