Another Flag Thing

confederate flagI saw a few people post this image on Facebook yesterday. As most of you know, yesterday was Memorial Day and as some of you know, I have ranted about flags before.

Am I the only person who sees this as ridiculous? You seceded from the United States of America. You lost the war. We let you come back. What other country has a civil war and then allows the losing side to keep flying their flags? Most other countries would have just committed some sort of mass execution to serve as a warning not to do that shit again.

The part that really annoys me though is that the people posting this stupid meme are also the ones constantly posting pictures of the American flag and how great it is to be American and how Obama sucks because he is not an American. Nothing says American like being traitor to your country. These people want Hillary Clinton to face treason charges for deleting emails, but think it is okay to fly a flag of a group of people who actually committed treason.

But you know what pisses me off more than anything? The three people who posted this fucking picture on Facebook? All from the NORTH! How does that make any sense? Do you know how many of these flags I see here in Pennsylvania? Probably two or three each week. Why? IF THE CIVIL WAR WAS HAPPENING AGAIN, YOU WOULD BE ON THE OTHER SIDE! It makes my brain hurt.

And in case you were wondering, there is a Confederate Memorial Day. Not a Federal holiday (nor should it be), but the Southern States have them and I am actually okay with it. If each state wants to remember the soldiers who gave their lives, then so be it.

4 thoughts on “Another Flag Thing

  1. Every day on my commute, I drive past a house flying a giant Confederate flag. Over the flag is a huge eagle face. Along the bottom, the text, “These colors do not run.”

    What the hell is all that even supposed to mean, when taken together? The Confederacy was anti-American. The bald eagle is a symbol of America. So those parts are clearly at odds. And as far as the phrase, the Confederate States of America hasn’t existed independent of the US for 150 years. “These colors” don’t run, but they don’t do anything else either. What they represent doesn’t exist.

    1. I thought I responded to this, but I guess I did not.

      I have a friend who moved to Florida and he constantly posts confederate flag stuff on Facebook. I want to comment and say “dude, you are from the North, you would have fought against those assholes.” But, I do not say anything because you never know when I might head to Florida and need a place to stay for a night.

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