Happy Birthday Samson!

20160608_172423Today is Samson’s birthday! Can you believe that he is one already? I suppose in dog years that makes him seven. Crazy to think about, especially when I think back to that September day when we brought him home. If you read this blog at all, especially in the past year, you know how much we love Samson. First of all, I need to point out just how much he has grown (yes, all puppies do this and it is not amazing, but when you are with him all the time, you do not notice the growth as much).

Here is the picture from the day we brought him home:in the lap20160609_093926He was so tiny in Lindsey’s lap. Also, it is funny to me now that I wrote that maybe he is scared of riding in a car since he threw up. He loves riding in the car and never pukes on long drives. In fact, the only time he has vomited has been when he is sick. Anyways, look at this picture of Samson and Lindsey today.

He has definitely grown up and is definitely a handful (in more ways than one). He loves to eat any paper you have lying around. One of his favorite games is chase: where he takes something he should not have and wants people to chase him. Sometimes when it is raining, he will take fifteen minutes to poop just because he knows that he and I are getting soaked. He enjoys burying his bones under my pillow. He eats all of Lindsey’s socks and underwear. He has temper tantrums when you take him for a walk. He hates to have his ears cleaned or to be brushed (especially if we try to spray him to make stink less).

And yet for all of those faults, I would not trade him for anything in the world. I would miss waking up in the morning to him licking our faces. I would miss watching television with him perched on the back of the couch with his head on my shoulder. I would miss our wrestling sessions. I would miss taking him for walks and watching him chase bunnies or birds. I would miss the way he goes nuts as soon as one of us comes home from work. He runs and jumps on us like he has not seen us in years. I would miss all of the silly things he does like hiding bones under my pillow, eating Lindsey’s socks and underwear, and of course trying to get me to chase him. I would miss when he goes crazy and runs around the ottoman. I would miss when I am tired and he curls up beside me to cuddle. I would miss just having him here. Our home feels more complete with him in it.

So what did we do for his first birthday? We made him some doggie cupcakes that Lindsey found online. They have peanut butter in them and actually smelled good. I did not try one! I bought him a stuffed dog and pigs leg bone. Samson always destroys his toys, so Lindsey put on Barkbox (it is actually a good deal, since they send so many treats, which are expensive) not to send toys with stuffing. I figured since it was his birthday, I would get him something that he could rip apart and pull of the stuffing out. We sang happy birthday to him and gave him a cupcake, which he tried to eat in one bite, then spit it out. He then peeled off the icing and ate that first, then kept trying to put the entire cupcake in his mouth. After a few tries, he realized he could just break it into smaller pieces. Such a silly dog.

Now he is all tuckered out and taking a nap. Although that may have more to do with the Benadryl I gave him for his allergies. Poor guy has eye boogers and itchy ears. I asked the vet and she said to give him half a Benadryl twice a day. Hopefully this helps clear him up.

I should mention that Samson is a bit of a celebrity here in Ebensburg. When we take him for walks, everyone stops to say how cute he is or to pet him. Lindsey usually takes him out in the morning and the kids waiting for the school bus all know him and say hi to him. I took him the other day and was shocked when a group of kids were like “HI SAMSON!” And he just loves the attention. So if you are in the Ebensburg area and see us walking around, stop and say hi, he will obviously respond. And if you see us today, wish him a happy birthday!

Anyways, before I get too emotional, let me just say happy birthday Samson! Lindsey & I love you more than anything in the whole world. Hell, Lindsey even shares cheese with you. That is definitely love there. She doesn’t even share cheese with me.

And since I do not post enough pictures of Samson…


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