The Downfall of Me

the kingsmootMan, ever since I finished up my 100 Days of Blogging, things have really went downhill as far as content is concerned. I apologize for that. I have been really busy with so many things. For one thing, a pregnant, always tired wife means that I have had the joys of pulling double duty here at the house. Not only do I get to do my normal chores, but I have to do Lindsey’s as well. I am not complaining (much), but it does not leave me much time for sitting down and blogging.

Also, there is Samson. I thought as he grew older, the puppy energy would start to decrease, but I think it has doubled in recent weeks. Seriously. When we get home from work he is so hyper that we usually have to walk twice as far as before in order to tire him out (even then he is not tired and after a few minutes resting at home, he is back to hyper). Unfortunately, these walks take up plenty of time and usually wear me out. Obviously that cuts into blog time.

I do have a week of vacation coming up (starting tomorrow when I got out of work!!!) and hopefully I get the chance to write a few things that have been rattling around in my head. Until then, I suppose you will have to accept my sincerest apologies for not being around to entertain you. I would say I will try and do better, but I have a feeling that as time goes on…well the quantity of posts will most likely decrease.

Oh, you are probably wondering why I posted a picture of the Kingsmoot from Game of Thrones. I decided to listen to A Feast for Crows (seriously, there are like no new books out that I want to listen to). I thought about doing the entire series, but I just want to listen to the last two before the next one comes out (like that will ever happen, hahahahaha). Mainly because I forget so much of what happened in AFfC. I know some people really hated it, but I did not have that reaction.

However, I am starting to see why someone would hate AFfC! The Kingsmoot has got to be one of the most boring things ever written about. GRRM drones on for how many pages listing ships an captains, telling stories of their deeds. I would imagine that while reading it my brain skipped over some of it. Good thing the show decided to dedicate about six minutes to that story.