100 Days of Blogging!

100-daysI did it! I managed to post something everyday for 100 straight days. I would be lying if I said it was an easy accomplishment. Many days I would just have nothing to write about and would end up posting a video. The hardest thing was probably posting something on Saturday or Sunday when I worked first shift.  I would come home and be exhausted and not feel like writing anything.

I enjoyed doing it though. May even give it a try again sometime. Until then, here are some interesting facts:

-I wrote 111 posts from February 26th to June 2nd
-44,903 words were written. 449 words per day. A page in a book usually has between 450-500 words. Sooooo basically the same pace as George R.R. Martin…
-My longest post was 1,790 words
Game of Thrones=11 posts
Fantasy Baseball=9
-During the 100 Days , I beat James, Gideon, Pat, Jason, Lindsey, Dustin, and Sean at fantasy baseball. Adam2 was the only person I spared.
-I did not post as many videos as I thought, there were 36 posts with videos
-I started a patio and it is still not finished
-We hosted a party
-I wrote 12 posts about Samson, who had two haircuts during this period
-23 about my beautiful wife
-5 posts were about the different independent political parties
-12 political posts total
Batman vs. Superman or Captain America vs. Iron Man, whichever movie you preferred, I had posts about both!

I would like to take a second to recognize Emily and her blog, Harvest + Bloom, who completed this challenge a few days before me. She definitely inspired me to give this a shot. Also, Alex and Sean over at the Pittsburgh Blogger Facebook page for the constant encouragement. Thanks guys!

After these last 100 Days, Samson and I need a rest!

Samson asleep


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