This Was Bound to Happen…

cops murder philandroAfter following the news about the murder of Philandro Castile. I realized that this was a situation I have told many people (especially poor Lindsey) that would happen for a few years now. I noticed that the people who generally posted stuff on social media about #BlueLivesMatter (as opposed to #BlackLivesMatter, since you know, if you support not killing black people that pretty much means you are in favor of shooting the police…), also were big 2nd Amendment/NRA supporters. I said that at some point those two things would come into direct opposition. I assumed that a cop would shoot someone with gun who was not committing a crime. The person would have a conceal carry permit and I wondered what would happen.

Well the situation finally played out. And there has been no reaction from the NRA folks. I have not seen one post on Facebook from my gun-loving friends & family saying “this man was legally carrying a firearm, which is his Constitutional right! He complied with the officer and even told him about the gun! HIS RIGHTS WERE TAKEN AWAY!” Sadly, none of those people are saying that. They are oddly silent about it. I wonder why? I wonder what is different about Philandro Castile? If he was a white guy named Phil Castle and this happened, I guarantee people would have something to say.

I wish I had something deep and profound to say about this. Sadly I do not.

One thought on “This Was Bound to Happen…

  1. You are right on the money. There is a serious problem in our society. I belive it has to do with the break down of morals and values inside the family unit……oh wait I’m not a Christian; I don’t have morals or values. Sickening, powerless, will happen again.

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