2016 NFL Pick ‘Em Playoffs Round 2

I am sure some of you will forgive me for missing this post last week. Ryan & Adam2 picked ten right for week 17, while I picked eight. Fortunately for me, Sean only got five and Lindsey seven. For the playoffs, I was the big winner with three. Sean and Lindsey also had three, but I must have won the tie-breaker. I am still the leader with 137, with Lindsey three behind, and Sean four. Those two are the only ones who could probably catch me. Ryan is at 130, so if I get none the rest of the year and he gets them all, we would tie. Not to brag, but even Lindsey & Sean have a dismal chance of defeating me. Okay, I am bragging a little bit. To be honest, if I were either of them, I would look at this and just take all the opposites. If they are right, it is a huge swing. If they are wrong? Well, I win.

Now on to some hard hitting analysis of each game and why I picked the way I did…

-Seattle/Atlanta:  Five points for Atlanta seems a bit much. If the Falcons win, they do it by a field goal.
-New England/Houston: I threw out the game early in the year because…well it was a while ago. However, Houston is just an okay team, they would not be in the playoffs if they were in a good division. I feel like the Patriots put up 40.
-Kansas City/Pittsburgh:  Again, throw out the previous result. I think Pittsburgh is going to win. But, it will be close.
-Dallas/Green Bay:  Another underdog pick. This was a hard decision. I mean, on the one hand, Dallas is really good. On the other hand, they have a rookie QB/RB and you never know what nerves will do to someone in their first playoff game. Also, A-Rod stuff is on fire right now (that commercial cracks me up). Either the Packers win outright, or if the Cowboys win it ends up being a field goal or less.

There you go. My picks. See how much thought I put into them?

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