2016 NFL Pick ‘Em Playoffs Round 3

Congratulations to Sean for getting all four picks right last week, which keeps him alive. I was right with three of them, so that means Sean needs to be perfect and I have to miss the rest for us to tie. Lindsey only got two right last week, which put her out of contention. Also, if you look back at my post, some of my reasoning was pretty spot on–particularly about the Packers and Steelers. I am pretty awesome. So what are my reasons this week?

Atlanta/Green Bay:  Again, Aaron Rodgers is just too damn good for this game to not be very close. I can see another last second field goal. Not sure who I would take if it were just a pick the winner scenario.
New England/Pittsburgh:  Friends & family reading this will probably hate me for picking the Patriots, but I have to hedge my bets here. I have to get at least one right. New England is like 2343324354325435243545245-0 against the Steelers in playoff games at home. I think I also read that they cover almost 120000% of the time in that scenario. Look, it is science or something. Also, I feel like Sean would pick with the Patriots–because I think he is superstitious enough to be afraid that taking the Steelers could jinx them. Sooooo, if we have the same pick, boom, he cannot win. Granted, I am taking a huge risk by posting this now, since he could read it and just switch his pick. BUT, if he does switch his pick, that could cause the Steelers to lose…what is more important Sean, winning this pick ’em or a Pittsburgh victory???

On a related note, who is a huge idiot? Yep, me. Sunday is my first day back to work. I was scheduled 10-7. I decided to text the one manager and have him work Friday and he could have off on Sunday, while I would work 2:30-11. I did this before the Steelers won last week and honestly did not even think about the game. When I saw the time of the game, I cringed because I will be stuck at work during the entire game. UGHHHH. Oh well, at least my manager is extremely happy about the situation. I guess it was a good deed.