Meet the Groomsmen

Lindsey asked her ladies to be her bridesmaids months ago. I am not so fast when it comes to this sort of thing. Granted, she was able to do some cute, cool thing where she sent out packages. Guys do not do that (although it is starting to become popular, it is definitely not me). Unfortunately, calling friends is not something I do, so I was left in a bit of a bind. Here is your chance to meet the guys and to hear about how I asked them. Oh and maybe I will mention a good virtue or something about them.

Best Man–Adam

So last summer when my brother called me to say he finally proposed and that she said yes, he also asked if I would be his best man. I said yes and then basically put it out there that he would be my best man. So I did not really ask him, just informed him. I mean, that is what a big brother does, right?

I have known Adam since July of 1984, when my Mom decided to give birth to him. Since then he has been by my side through just about everything imaginable. I do not think I could ask for a better brother or closer friend.

There was a day last fall when he and I went out for a beer. We were discussing the wedding and I made a joke about what he and the other guys would be wearing (obviously crushed purple velvet tuxedos), so then I was like “oh yeah, you know you are one of my groomsmen, right?” And he said “yeah, I figured.” Are you noticing a trend with how I dominate my friends?

Jason and I have been friends since June 2002, when I was hired by The Place That Shall Not Be Named. He was my boss, but due to many of our common interests, we quickly became friends. You will never find someone more fiercely loyal to his friends than Jason. Also, if you want to have a fun argument about any topic, Jason is the perfect friend.

No, I am not making my brother stand in two places at the same time. Rather, this is my brother-in-law (well technically he will be after the wedding, but whatever) or as he is known in some of the fantasy football posts, Adam2. He has the distinct honor of being the guy I actually asked in person. It was at a Pirate game. For some reason, I was more nervous to ask him than I was to ask Lindsey to marry me. I am pretty weird.

I think you can put together how I met Adam. I feel that I am pretty lucky in that I have a future brother-in-law who is actually someone I like. I am sure many people get stuck with some dude that is annoying or a bit of an ass (although, I suppose Adam could argue that on his end, haha), but I have one that has basically the same interests as me and only one downfall: he is a Michigan fan. I try not to hold that against him too much.

Ryan was the most difficult. I am not a phone person. I hate calling people and would much rather just talk to them in person or via text. I did not think sending a text was very appropriate, but since Ryan lives in Pittsburgh, it would be really hard to go down just to ask him. Then I had an idea. Ryan is always offering trades in fantasy football (seriously Ryan, no one wants Doug Martin, you can stop now). So I proposed a trade that was fairly ridiculous, but in it I left a note that asked him to be in my wedding. He rejected the trade with a nice note saying he would be honored.

I feel like if you are reading this blog, you most likely know Ryan. We have been friends for awhile, since we both worked together at TPTSNBN. He and I like to argue about things, like baseball (seriously read some of our classic arguments, which sadly the commenting has changed so much over the years that some of the comments are gone), but those arguments stem from our intense passion about things, like baseball. We get pretty heated, but we stay friends, which is pretty much the best thing about friends, right?

Ringbearers–Connor & Drew
We are having my little cousin’s, Connor and Drew as our ringbearers. Lindsey asked Becky (their mom) and she was pretty thrilled to have them involved. They are both fantastic little kids. And they are going to do an awesome job with whatever tasks they are assigned. I mean seriously, could they be any more adorable?

So those are the guys in my wedding. Obviously I could write much more about each of them, but decided to not embarrass them or make this into some sad, mushy post. Thank you guys for honoring me by standing by my side.

At some point, maybe Lindsey will write something about her bridesmaids.

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