Looking to Move

Do you remember way back in 2012 when I mentioned that we met with a realtor to start looking at houses? A few months later I mentioned that we were going to move into a house beside Lindsey’s aunt and uncle. If you recall, that never happened, especially for those of you who have been to the apartment since 2012. I got promoted and it did not

I see a career in architecture...
I see a career in architecture…

make much sense for us to move.

We tried to find a place closer to where I work, but we did not have any luck. After a few months of driving the 70 miles to my job, I got used to it and it just did not make sense to move. I could get into the reasons, but they would start to reveal a bit too much about work and as you know, I try to keep The Place That Shall Not Be Named out of the blog.

Well decisions have been made and we decided to start searching again. We wanted to look around the Ebensburg area. We like it here. Close enough to Johnstown or Altoona, easy to get to Pittsburgh. It also keeps our work options wide open. Technically we live in New Germany and the houses we are looking at are actually in Ebensburg (hey, five minutes closer to work!), but I am sure none of you know the difference.

All of this is just a really long way of saying that we starting our search. Just kidding, we actually looked at three the other day and we found one that we really like. Okay, really like is an understatement. We love it. I do not want to say too much about it, just that I am super excited. We are going back tomorrow to look at it again (this time bringing the families along) and I think after that we will make an offer.

In a few months we could be out of the apartment and into our own house. Change is good.