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SodastreamA few years ago I gave up drinking Mountain Dew, do you remember that? Unfortunately since that time I have not really been able to find something to drink. I tried teas and they are just not my thing, unless I load them up with sugar, which is probably just as unhealthy as Mountain Dew at that point. Orange juice is still delicious, but you cannot really drink it all the time. For example, eating chips & salsa while watching Game of Thrones is not an OJ kinda night.

About two years ago, I started drinking Coke. At first I was able to really just drink one a day. That was my reward, having one while watching TV. Then sometimes I would have two or maybe three. Pretty soon a twelve pack was no longer lasting two weeks, but instead just a few days. I noticed my weight starting to go up again as well. So I quit drinking that (although not like how I gave up Mountain Dew).

Quick aside. When I quit drinking Mountain Dew it was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. I know that sounds weird since I also quit smoking. I am proud to say that since I decided to quit, I have never had a relapse. One of the reasons I quit drinking it was because I was under the belief that it was the high fructose corn syrup that had caused me to gain so much weight. I did some research into the evil syrup and discovered that it is really no different than regular sugar. That was not what was making me fat, it was the calories. A can has about 170 calories and if I was drinking around 6-10 per day…well you get the picture.

My brother told me about his SodaStream and the idea intrigued me. I looked into it and found that it was definitely cheaper to make your own soda. Plus, the calories are much lower.  A 12 oz. portion of Fountain Mist (the Mountain Dew equivalent) has about 52 calories. When we were registering for the wedding, I decided to add one. Lucky for me, my brother and mom decided to get it for me.

The first time I tried it, all I had was the cola. It took me a few tries to get the carbonation right (the instructions suck and I had to consult YouTube to find some good tips). One of the things I noticed is that it has an almost diet taste. I did some reading and found that I might want to try the cola with cane sugar. I went out and bought Fountain Mist and it is absolutely delicious. I highly recommend getting one if you like soda, but hate spending the money or the high calories. I should be a corporate spokesman.

So thank you guys for buying me this wonderful gift. You have no clue how much it sucked not having something to drink at home! Lindsey and I bought some different flavors and I hope to give them a try sometime soon.


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